Preparations – gear

Until we actually make a start, this will be an ongoing post as we are still putting the final touches with regards to what we are taking with us.

First things first – the car. As it’s mentioned on “The vehicle” page, it’s a Nissan Patrol Safari 2015. No crazy additions to the car, just pretty standard kit.

The one upgrade is the roof-top tent and the awning which is being added to the roof-racks. This will allow us to be fairly independent and camp wherever it’s allowed. We also have a few smaller accessories that should help us with any immediate issues – a tire repair kit, an air compressor, tow rope, a couple of belts (fan, compressor etc.), a shovel etc. I’m by no means skilled at repairing cars so I’m hoping we won’t be having too many issues since the car is only 20,000km old.

As I’m really into my photography, I’ll have a good selection of lenses with me (probably a 14-24mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm and maybe a 24mm tilt-shift), all on a Nikon D800. I’ll also have a back-up camera (D7000) with me for shooting video or any other behind the scenes stuff.

We’re also hoping for some kitesurfing in some of the spots, so we’re taking two Cabrinha kites (14m and 8m) and the rest of the accessories (board, harness etc.).



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