Preparations – packing

As I’ve mentioned in the previous posts about packing, we’re not taking a whole lot of stuff with us as we’ll never be too far away from civilization to require us to be self-sustained for long periods of time.


But on a trip like this, it pays off to be organised since it will make the trip easier to manage and the stops more enjoyable. To streamline things we’re using a few plastic boxes to split things up – this way we’ll only pull out what we need. We will have a box for dry / non-perishable food items, a box for fruits and vegetables, a bag with all the cooking items (pan, pot, cutlery etc). We’re also having a big box with car related items (compressor, oil filters, spare fan belts, coolant etc.) and one other box for potentially wet things – mostly related to kitesurfing.


Besides the boxes, our sleeping bags will stay in the tent and get packed away with the tent, while the rest of the items will just be nicely organised in the back of the car.



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