On the ferry – meeting new friends

The ferry trip was much easier than expected, apart from the fact that we had to wait in it for about 6 hours before actually departing. 

We had super comfortable seats; the ferry wasn’t that full so we were able to sleep over a couple of seats; and were served a nice Iranian meal for Iftar – my favorite combo of rice with yoghurt and some chicken kebab. ¬†Considering that I had not had anything to eat all day long, it tasted divine. Take that airplane food!

But the highlight definitely has to be that the other western couple in the ferry is Portuguese! Joana and Nelson live in Abu Dhabi and are driving on their motorbike all the way to Portugal. So it seems adventure travel is really in our blood. #goportugal! And did I mention that they had ‘tarte de amendoa’ from A Tarte with them? I would never expect to be eating my favorite Portuguese almond tart on my way to Iran. You can also check their adventures on uae2pt.wordpress.com