Next stop: the town of Kerman

After leaving Mayman, we drove towards Kerman, about 165km away. The drive was quite interesting (although I have to admit I sleept through most of it! I know… I’m such a bad co pilot) as we passed through beautiful mountains and also a lot of big factories. I’m guessing most of people wouldn’t be that fascinated with factories, but coming from Dubai it is actually quite interesting for me to see varied landscapes. Catalin doesn’t really agree with me and says there are a lot of factories in Dubai – but hey, this is my post! 

We decided to stay at the Akhavan Hotel (top choice with LP) and really happy we did. There is a certain ‘je be sais quois’ about the place, especially the lobby.

We spent the afternoon chilling out in that same lobby, checking our emails, together with 3 other gentlemen in their suits who just stayed there for the whole afternoon (I have no clue what is their day job) and then we left for the souq as soon as it got a bit cooler than 40C.

I am a bit of a fan of middle eastern bazaars and this one didn’t disappoint. There is always such diversity and activity and its a great place to just watch people! We wandered around through it, visited an old Hamam which you can go into (which was super cool) and stopped for the mandatory ‘tchai’ stop at Hamam-e Vakil Chaykhaneh tea house (beautifully seen on the header photo) and now back at the hotel for some rest before we adventure into the Kaluts tomorrow.

Walking through the bazaar

Beautiful hammam in the bazaar




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  1. Late as usual, just want to tell you guys that it’s marvelous thing you’re doing. All the best and keep writting! 😀

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