About us

We love to travel, especially to unknown places, experiencing different ways of life and, obviously, food. Since we are both having our 10th anniversary of living in Dubai (by coincidence actually, as we only met half way through it) we though this trip would be the perfect way to celebrate it!

A bit about us:

Catalin is a professional photographer (award winning and all) that also runs a very successful photoblog Momentary Awe, where he posts about his travel adventures and commercial photography projects. Originally from Romania, he has been dreaming about this trip pretty much since the day he arrived in Dubai for the first time.

Ana is the head of marketing & communications for a multinational corporation, headquartered in Dubai. Originally from Portugal, she is passionate about all kinds of food and anything that includes Nutella. She will be the one posting all the photos with blue skies and cute fluffy clouds (those who live in Dubai will understand) and probably talking about shoes at some point.

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