A quick update to say I have made it to Romania after 11,500km and 7 weeks spent on the road. This is only half way as I’m still driving back towards Dubai, but as you can imagine I was super happy to get here. I will carry on with catching up with the blog articles and hopefully in the next few days I will get the blog up-to-date.  Continue reading Theti

Southern Albania

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, we ran a bit behind with the blog as there were things happening every single day, so instead of trying in vain to catch up with everything, I am skipping a couple of parts from Turkey and Greece for now (Ana is busy writing some of those posts) so I can post some of the more recent stuff.

After my brief time in mainland Greece and dropping Ana at the airport, I headed North towards Albania, a new country for me, a country I had heard so many good things about.  Continue reading Southern Albania

Lake Van

Once we made the decision to go South (see previous post), we got to Van fairly late driving slowly and enjoying the views. The drive from Kars was beautiful passing Mount Ararat (an extinct volcano) and a huge rock field (probably lava) which looked very similar to the lava fields I’ve seen before in Iceland.  Continue reading Lake Van

Decisions, decisions

After enjoying our break in Batumi, the next step on our original route plan was supposed to be Kars and the Van in Turkey. However because of all the latest issues in the South-East of the country we spent quite a few hours in Batumi debating if we should risk going South or change our route to go along the Black Sea coast. We had read that between Kars and Van there were quite a few attacks on police and military police and also a few trucks had been thrown up in flames with Molotov cocktails. So as we crossed the border between Georgia and Turkey, we had made up our mind to go along the Black Sea coast.  Continue reading Decisions, decisions

Svaneti drive – video

Following up on the previous post about our adventures in the Svaneti area of Georgia, I also uploaded a video with a section of the drive. We’ve been using the GoPro quite a bit and we’ve got lots of cool video footage, so hopefully at the end of the trip we’ll do a cool edit of the whole thing.

The video is from the last part of the drive towards the village of Ushguli and it’s sped up about 2 times faster.