From Tabriz in Iran to Kapan in Armenia

As we left Masouleh, we weren’t sure of the road we should take towards Tabriz. The GPS app we’ve been using for the phone ( always wants us to go through the shortest distance, which usually means dirt tracks in the middle of nowhere high up in the mountains.  Continue reading From Tabriz in Iran to Kapan in Armenia

Bandar Abbas car clearance

If you end up reading this post at some point after my trip is over it will be most likely because just like us, you were looking for details about how long does it take to clear a car or a motorbike when you arrive with one on the ferry from Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates to Bandar Abbas in Iran. Well, the answer is fairly confusing.  Continue reading Bandar Abbas car clearance

From Bandar Abbas to Maymand

After spending Friday in Bandar Abbas waiting for the weekend to be over (weekend in Iran is Thursday and Friday) and customs to be open, we started the Saturday early morning at the shipping company getting our paperwork in order and then moving on to customs and the port to clear the car. The process took a total of 6 hours and a visit to 13 different offices and kiosks.  Continue reading From Bandar Abbas to Maymand

And we’re off!

I am writing this while sitting on the Sharjah to Bandar Abbas ferry waiting to depart towards Iran (thank you WordPress for the mobile app!).

It has been a bit of a long day in terms of waiting as the formalities were very quick, but because of Ramadan you have to do the imigration processes quite early and we ended up being on the ferry since 5pm with the expected departure time being around 10pm.  Continue reading And we’re off!

Preparations – tent

This week has been a completely crazy one, finishing up with my last photoshoot here in Dubai before we leave and at the same time trying to complete all the preparations for the trip. We’ve got pretty much everything sorted in terms of packing and the last thing we needed to do was to get the rooftop tent ready.

My friend Mladjan helped out with getting the tent down from the storage and mounting it on top of the car, but the cleaning was all me! This was a great opportunity to test out a couple of timelapses, which we hope we’ll do a lot more of during the trip.

Tomorrow is THE day when we’re taking the car for clearance to the Sharjah port and then in the evening board the ferry to Bandar Abbas. Stay tuned as we hear this is not a very straight forward process! 🙂