A quick update to say I have made it to Romania after 11,500km and 7 weeks spent on the road. This is only half way as I’m still driving back towards Dubai, but as you can imagine I was super happy to get here. I will carry on with catching up with the blog articles and hopefully in the next few days I will get the blog up-to-date.  Continue reading Theti

Southern Albania

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, we ran a bit behind with the blog as there were things happening every single day, so instead of trying in vain to catch up with everything, I am skipping a couple of parts from Turkey and Greece for now (Ana is busy writing some of those posts) so I can post some of the more recent stuff.

After my brief time in mainland Greece and dropping Ana at the airport, I headed North towards Albania, a new country for me, a country I had heard so many good things about.  Continue reading Southern Albania