Georgia for a second time

After disembarking from the ferry, I headed for the centre of Batumi to grab something to eat, change some money and recharge my Georgian SIM card which I still had from the previous time. I also went for a quick swim just outside Batumi since this was my last opportunity to swim in the Black Sea. My plan for the next few days was to head towards Tbilisi for a few days, wait for Ana who was coming to meet me there for a few days and then explore together the wine region of Kakheti.  Continue reading Georgia for a second time

Batumi, Batumi

After some rough days of off roading tracks, bumps, more bumps and lots of curves in the mountain roads, we decided to stay in Batumi for two nights instead of our initial plan and just chill out. I still had plenty of Starwood hotel miles, so we chilled out in style at the Sheraton Hotel, which greeted us with an upgrade and a beautiful view over the Black Sea.  Continue reading Batumi, Batumi

Svaneti drive – video

Following up on the previous post about our adventures in the Svaneti area of Georgia, I also uploaded a video with a section of the drive. We’ve been using the GoPro quite a bit and we’ve got lots of cool video footage, so hopefully at the end of the trip we’ll do a cool edit of the whole thing.

The video is from the last part of the drive towards the village of Ushguli and it’s sped up about 2 times faster.