Chaos in the stepped village of Masouleh

After leaving the Caspian Sea we headed to the mountains again, so we could visit the famous stepped village of Masouleh on our way to Tabriz (our last stop in Iran, before heading to the border and entering Armenia). The drive was a bit boring, but we were looking forward to being back in the mountains.  Continue reading Chaos in the stepped village of Masouleh

Heading to the valley and the road of no return

After Kashan we were supposed to head to Tehran, but changed our plans last minute and decided to check out the mountains instead. We were a bit tired of all the driving and the traffic in towns and heard that the scenery was quite beautiful, so why not? We then headed to a region called the Alamut Valley.   Continue reading Heading to the valley and the road of no return

Next stop: the town of Kerman

After leaving Mayman, we drove towards Kerman, about 165km away. The drive was quite interesting (although I have to admit I sleept through most of it! I know… I’m such a bad co pilot) as we passed through beautiful mountains and also a lot of big factories. I’m guessing most of people wouldn’t be that fascinated with factories, but coming from Dubai it is actually quite interesting for me to see varied landscapes. Catalin doesn’t really agree with me and says there are a lot of factories in Dubai – but hey, this is my post!  Continue reading Next stop: the town of Kerman

From Bandar Abbas to Maymand

After spending Friday in Bandar Abbas waiting for the weekend to be over (weekend in Iran is Thursday and Friday) and customs to be open, we started the Saturday early morning at the shipping company getting our paperwork in order and then moving on to customs and the port to clear the car. The process took a total of 6 hours and a visit to 13 different offices and kiosks.  Continue reading From Bandar Abbas to Maymand

And we’re off!

I am writing this while sitting on the Sharjah to Bandar Abbas ferry waiting to depart towards Iran (thank you WordPress for the mobile app!).

It has been a bit of a long day in terms of waiting as the formalities were very quick, but because of Ramadan you have to do the imigration processes quite early and we ended up being on the ferry since 5pm with the expected departure time being around 10pm.  Continue reading And we’re off!