Kiev and Chernobyl

After Lviv, my plan was to drive straight to Kiev so I could spend a couple of days there as I wanted to do a day trip to also visit Chernobyl. After the terrible roads I had gone through from the Ukraine border up to Lviv, I was really dreading this road. But in the end it actually turned out the roads were better and a big part of the way was almost a highway.  Continue reading Kiev and Chernobyl

From Romania to Lviv in Ukraine

As I got close to the border with Ukraine in the North of Romania, I had a nagging feeling that things might get a bit complicated at the border because I didn’t have car insurance for Ukraine and the EU green card didn’t cover Ukraine either. Sure enough, once I reached the Romanian part of the border they told me that it would be wiser to nor cross as they would probably turn me around without an insurance. They suggested to go into town and speak to an insurance company to see if I can buy some. I did and unfortunately the insurance companies in Romania don’t sell insurance to cars registered outside the EU. But they did mention that they had heard about people crossing on foot into Ukraine, buying the insurance there and then returning for the car.  Continue reading From Romania to Lviv in Ukraine