The sponsors

I have been thinking and dreaming about doing this trip for almost 10 years now and I knew that at some point I will finally get going, but I never thought that I would find such awesome support like I have found in the last few months.

I contacted Nissan Middle East in the hopes of them recommending us a couple of places where we could service the car on the way to Romania and back, but they have gone above and beyond this, supporting us at every step with a lot more than just contacts. This really put a smile to my face as I have been driving Nissan cars for over a decade now.

Intercoil, a multinational company which manufactures and distributes sleep products in 17 countries and 2 continents, were also kind enough to provide us with financial support and two super-comfy memory foam pillows for our tent which I’m sure will be very appreciated during those long driving days when we need a good night sleep.

Last, but not least Nikon Middle East is providing me with some additional gear and were kind enough to put me in touch with some of their contacts to facilitate some of the paperwork we needed to do.

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